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A complete solution for churches that handles membership information, programmes, finance, Events and lots more.

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Recent advances in information and communications technology has completely transformed the way we interact, learn, work and play. Access to information in a timely, secure and credible manner for organizations such as schools, churches, companies, etc. has become essential in the growth recorded in the recent decades.

Today’s Churches have evolved into an information driven environment and without a reliable platform for collaboration among members, information can be lost or worse- communicated incorrectly, leading to myriad of setbacks for the institution. Therefore, to remain competitive systems must be in place to automate the entire business process.

Church administrators are encumbered with the responsibility of overseeing the wellbeing of members. For a church with less than 50 members, it may seem pretty simple for large churches with membership of over a thousand, it becomes a burden.
Today Pastors and preachers want to answer the questions such as:

  • How many members are registered;
  • How many members are unemployed;
  • How many members are single;
  • How many members were absent from service in the last month.

  • Church Manager® is an attempt to answer these pertinent questions with a click of the mouse. Church Manager® is web based Management System that typically handles the automation of processes in churches making it fun to coordinate activities of the church.
    Some features of the system include:

    • Members/Visitors Data;
    • Committee/Ministry Record;
    • Event Student Results;
    • Programme Attendance;
    • Financial Record (Credit/Debit)
    • Graphic Chart of Records; and
    • Can function online or offine

    • Church administration can now be better handled to ensure that every member counts and growth can be analyzed and better decision enhanced by the system. You can check our demo and get hands on experience of the robustness of the system.