Geo Spatial Services

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Geospatial Services

Recent years have witnessed increasing use of Google earth and other GIS applications in environmental management, such as managing site characterization data, developing natural resource data repositories, non-point pollution modeling and other environmental management applications. Spatial databases are one of the core foundations of any GIS programme.

In basic terms, they are the storage systems containing all of the data that is necessary for a finalized and fully functional GIS map to display all of the data layers that were included in its design. It has become necessary for organizations to utilize spatial database management systems that are capable of providing insight into various themes such as demography, access to infrastructure, the level of environmental degradation as well as support decision.

Geographic Information System (GIS) technology is used to support and deliver information to businesses, environmental managers, policy makers and the public. GIS allows the combination and analysis of multiple layers of location-based data including environmental measurements. With GIS, users can see locations, events, features, and environmental changes with unprecedented clarity, showing layer upon layer of information such as nearness to specific sites, trends, soil stability, pesticide use, migration corridors, hazardous waste generators, dust source points, Lake Remediation efforts etc.
The Geospatial solutions will enable users to:

  • Ensure accurate reporting with improved data collection.
  • Improve decision making;
  • Increase productivity with streamlined work processes;
  • Provide better data analysis and presentation options;
  • Model dynamic environmental phenomena;
  • Create predictive scenarios for environmental impact studies;
  • Automate regulatory compliance processes;
  • Disseminate maps and share map data across team members;
  • Performs spatial analyses like overlaying, proximity, neighborhood, network etc.

With a team of professionals with vast experience both in classroom and the field, Galactron Systems Limited assures of quality Geospatial Services. With capacity in using both enterprise solutions such as ArcGIS, ERDAS imagine, and open source such as QGIS, python etc. We deliver and exceed our clients’ expectations.
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