Office Management System

The Office Manager is a robust application responsible for managing a variety of office functions and monitoring and reviewing systems, usually focusing on specific outcomes such as Employee Management, Accounts Management, Leave Applications, etc.timescales, turnover, output, sales, etc.

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Login Credentials

Admin Username: admin1
Admin Password: admin101

Staff Username: emp1
Staff Password: emp101

Employee Management

  • Employee bio data
  • Employee Login
  • Employee assigned role and Supervisor
  • Contact and Dependent data

Account Transactions

  • Create & Manage Account Charts
  • Report Account Balance/Transaction
  • Handle Account Payable/Receivables
  • Export: PDF/Excel/CSV

Management of Staff Payroll

  • Salary Harmonization (Earnings/Deductions
  • Paygrade Integration
  • Employee Award payments
  • Payroll Export: PDF

Events & Notice Board

  • Create and Manage Notice
  • Publish/Unpublish Notice
  • Display Events on Employee Portal
  • Create Holiday and Special Days