Web Services

We specialize in deploying responsive websites for small businesses and larger corporate and e-commerce solutions

Web Services

Of the many challenges that face businesses and organizations two are of great importance: geographical barrier and information dissemination. With the Internet such challenges have become history, as it is now possible to reach wider transcontinental audience with information through websites, a powerful tool that drives information dissemination. This explains why corporate businesses are taking advantage of this tool to sustain their continuity.
A Website has some of the following benefits:

  • Enables the transfer of information at a faster time to a wider audience;
  • Creates a global presence where people in any part of the world can have access to information about your organization;
  • As a result of the availability of information online, a website will greatly reduce the cost of the paper work required in getting hard copy printouts;
  • Regular activities of the organization could be published on the website; etc.

In bringing a Website to life and letting it thrive, there are 3 necessary parts:

  • Making the Site: Creating a design and engineering the code for your website.
  • Hosting Setup: Giving the site a physical "home" and setting up servers to host your site. This is the server where the site will actually be stored.
  • Domain Name Registration: Registering your website's name (giving it a physical address) and configuring it so that your customers can view your site. This also includes periodic renewals of your website's name.

All three of these items need to be configured correctly, and constantly running for your Website to be at its most productive.

From concept to completion, Galactron Systems Limited is experienced in the aesthetic and responsive website design and efficient website productions that are both usable and visually engaging. By designing and building dynamic websites and databases we can give existing brands a unique online presence as well as developing durable brands that function both on and off-line.
We are well experienced in delivering some of the following types of website:

  • Responsive websites for schools, churches, organizations;
  • E-commerce driven websites for businesses;
  • Blogs and multimedia websites for entertainment and the media; etc

As you proceed to engage us to assist in building a dynamic website, please consider that we have a track record of successfully delivering expected project outcomes in similar engagement for different projects.
We understand the challenges, we possess the skill sets and we emphasize client collaboration on each project. We look forward to a fruitful working relationship with you.